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Using Education and experience to reduce carbon emissions and bring the power of solar to people who need it most.

Climate Change Defined

Under normal conditions, sunlight hits the earth. Large amounts of it should bounce off and go directly back into space.  But, human-created greenhouse gases, mainly CO2, in massive excess, are creating a barrier that traps more and more heat. This trapped heat is warming the earth…and at an alarming rate. That’s global warming and it’s changing the earth’s climate.

Your Impact

 How you affect climate change.


What does 16 mean?

It turns out, it’s not so sweet afterall. According to both the World Bank and US department of Energy, Americans, per capita, create 16.4 metric tons of CO2 annually. The world’s average is 5.


What can you do?

                                 You can do three things. First, you can reduce your carbon footprint by being more energy efficient. Second, you can get involved. Third, you can invest/donate money that creates clean energy and offsets your carbon footprint.


Why do your donations matter?

Each member of your family produces 16 metric tons of CO2 annually. By donating, you reduce your and our country’s carbon footprint. You become part of the solution. You help bring energy to people and places that are in desperate need of clean and renewable energy. 

Our Impact

 Since 2007, the people behind our foundation have made a difference.


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