As it turns out, 16 is a not so sweet 16.


According to the US Department of Energy, World Bank, and United Nations Statistics Division, The US average per capita of CO2 emissions is 16.4. The world per capita average is 5. Large developed countries like England, Germany, Spain, and France are all less than half the US. To make matters worse, some studies say our number is as high as 20. Sadly, for many middle-class American adults, the number may be even higher. Note: The Nature Conservancy has a very good carbon footprint calculator.

So as not to be overly dramatic (although many of us believe there’s reason to take this very seriously) we’ve decided to use the number 16. Either way, the picture is clear. Our choices are affecting our environment. If we all don’t do our part to reduce carbon emissions, we’re likely to face severe consequences.