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According to over 90% of scientists, climate change is influenced by human choices. The choices we make regarding the energy we use, transportation, food consumption, and our purchasing decisions are the major drivers of human created CO2.  

According to the US Department of Energy, World Bank, and United Nations Statistics Division, US per capita creation of carbon emissions annually is 16.4 metric tons. The world’s average is 5. The size of 1 metric ton of CO2 is a ball 10 yards in diameter.

Under normal conditions, sunlight hits the earth. A large amount of it should bounce off and go back into the atmosphere. But, human-created greenhouse gases, mainly CO2, in massive excess, are creating a barrier that traps more and more heat. This trapped heat is warming the earth…and at an alarming rate. That’s global warming and its creating climate change.

Bill McKibbon, founder of 350.org paints a sobering picture. His documentary, DO THE MATH, focuses on the concerns around our current level of CO2 (410 parts per million) and the need to reduce it to 350, the number at which scientists believe we can ultimately support a liveable planet.

Leonardo Dicaprio (BEFORE THE FLOOD) and Al Gore also have created documentaries share the problems we face regarding climate change if we don’t act now.

Those who don’t believe climate change is influenced by human choices have decided that th3 90% of scientists who support the theory of climate change are somehow in a worldwide conspiracy. But what if it’s looked at this way: If God forbid, you had a serious health problem…and you got 10 medical opinions. If 9 of them gave you the same diagnosis, what would you do? If the 1 said just ignore it…even though the other said it could result in you losing your life, what would you do? You’d take action.


Our world is sick.